I have been interested in holistic health since my teens, when I became passionate about the mind body connection through fitness and nutrition. I went on to major in Holistic Health and Wellness from Prescott College, where I worked as a personal trainer both during college and after. As a trainer my interest in anatomy and one-on-one client work was born, and led me to massage school at The Providence Institute in Tucson, AZ. Upon graduation in 2008, I moved to New Orleans to be closer to family, and have been working as a massage therapist ever since. I have passionately pursued continuing education around the world including Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, Thai Massage in Thailand, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy back in Tucson with Heidi Wilson, As well as an herbalism course with Rosemary Gladstar. Through my own personal healing of a back injury, chronic pain, and renegotiating unhealthy habits around anxiety, depression, and alcohol use, I discovered breathwork and began pursuing this modality in earnest in January 2018, which led me to complete a healer training with David Elliott in May 2018 in New Mexico.

I now find my work at an exciting crossroads! While massage is the foundation of my work, lately I am more interested in the connection of the nervous system through craniosacral therapy and the ability to release through breathwork. These modalities work “from the inside out” and offer a space from which we can heal old wounds quicker than with just massage. In my years working both with clients and on my own deep healing of past traumas, I’ve observed that most of our misalignments stem from nervous system distress and emotional distress. I believe that we all possess what we need to heal ourselves, and I love that both Craniosacral Therapy and Breathwork offer clients the platform to discover their own healer within! Sessions with me are integrative, and will address each clients custom needs and desires to establish a treatment plan.  

I am also passionate about natural beauty and perfume, and own the local perfume company, Smoke Perfume, where I serve as a bridge builder and educator offering customers a space in which to explore modern natural products and elegant design while perhaps shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle. I believe in finding our joy, living with mindfulness and meaning, and exploring our surroundings with a sensual interest and deep connection to our breath and bodies.