Craniosacral Therapy, Breathwork, Body Work

What is craniosacral therapy?


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a hands-on modality that works primarily with the bones of the cranium, spine, and sacrum using gentle touch to access a deep circulatory system housing your cerebro-spinal fluid. This system operates on a gentle pulse to carry out the messages to and from your nervous system. If this pulse is off for any reason (for example, due to misaligned bones or stress) your nervous system may be operating at a deficit. The long and short of it is that CST lulls your body into a deep state of relaxation, at which point your body is able to repair and restore itself, activating it’s innate healing ability, and leaving you deeply relaxed.


Who is craniosacral therapy for?

  • anyone with head, neck, spinal injuries

  • car accidents

  • stress related disorders and those with high stress

  • TMJ sufferers

  • tinnitus and vertigo

  • pregnant women

  • insomnia

  • anyone looking to relax and heal from within!


Pricing and Logistics

Sessions are about an hour. clients are fully clothed in loose comfortable clothing and supported on a massage table with appropriate bolstering.

Sessions are $100.