Craniosacral Therapy, Breathwork, Body Work

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a form of active meditation with roots in ancient Indian pranayama (the study of the breath). Using a 2 stage breath with the guidance of a healer, the breather floods her brain with oxygen to stimulate the hypothalmus gland to release endorphins and stored energy or stuck emotions and trauma. By releasing these stuck energies, we fully let them go and heal them. These sessions are active, and end with a deep rest with some hands on touch to facilitate release. You will feel lighter, more free, and deeply relaxed after. This modality is safe for anyone, and highly transformative! Sessions are done one on one or in group settings. 

Who is Breathwork For?

  • those in recovery (it perfectly complements any 12 step wok and is gaining traction in the recovery world)

  • those with chronic stress and stress related disorders

  • anyone with trauma

  • pregnant women at the discretion of the pregnant woman herself

  • those struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression

  • those with chronic pain, joint pain, and chronic fatigue

  • anyone looking to release tensions, stress, and anxiety and let go of old thought patterns which no longer serve!


Pricing and Logisitics

Sessions are about an hour, and are done on the floor (in group settings) or on a massage table (private sessions). The client is fully clothed and your comfort is of utmost importance to the work. Virtual sessions are available, and a wonderful way to work with me in the privacy of your own home no matter your location! Private sessions are $100, group session TBD. Ask about bringing corporate sessions to your workplace!